A small and basic explanation of promise and its states.

are famous for their prickly spines, which they have everywhere except on their face, legs and bellies. These cute critters depend on their spines for defense, both while they sleep and when they face enemies.

We live in a world that is built on promises constructed by liars. When we hear this word “promise”, we are overwhelmed by its vibe, when taken in the positive manner. We all tend to be jovial thinking about its…

A piecemeal illustration of XMLHttpRequest (XHR) in JavaScript.

feed predominantly on termites and ants and employ a well-evolved method to dig them out. They are threatened by habitat loss and are sometimes captured for use in performances or hunted because of their aggressive behavior.

We all have created “form” simulation using HTML and CSS, and a bit of JavaScript to make it somewhat interactive. But till now, we haven’t used any XHR requests for sending and receiving data from the server.

Firstly, we have to understand…

A clear-cut explanation of local storage along with some examples.

are palm-size possums that can glide half the length of a soccer pitch in one trip. These marsupials are native to tropical and cool-temperate forests in Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

Storing data is one of the most important aspects of an application. Every application requires data storage in order to make the application dynamic. And, cloud is one of the most hyped methodology in the field of data storage. …

A lucid explanation on prototypes along with prototype chain in JavaScript.

populations appear to be at risk. They are not only suffering from habitat loss, but they are often hunted throughout the Sahara, making them rare in parts of Northwestern Africa.

“Prototypes” have proven to be one of the most confusing concepts of JavaScript. There has been chaos for quite a long time among learners that resulted in either hating the concept of “prototype” or skipping the entire concept and…

A well discussed, and proven fact of JavaScript that will make you go haywire.

have a strong skeleton with a big skull compared to the size of the rest of their body, a short snout and a jawbone with teeth.

created JavaScript for the first time in September, 1995. It was a shock for people to know that he took only 10 days to develop the scripting language, then known as Mocha. Later, the…

A brief explanation on how I concocted my first (group) project from rudimentary stage.

The is the largest of the bamboo lemurs, this species can be identified by its distinctive white ear tufts.

Front-end is all about garnering user attention towards your creative material. …

A brief and didactic article about variables and types of variables in statistics.

The critically endangered is a highly migratory animal that lives in tropical waters. It is hunted for its striking shell.

Statistics is all about collecting data and recording variables and then using those to try and make generalizations about a population. So, let’s start with talking about what is a variable? A variable is a recorded piece…

Read this article for getting to know basics about statistics and its types along with some vocabularies used in statistics.

is the only mammal in the world to be covered from head to toe in keratin scales (the same as human finger nails).

What is statistics?

Definition — Statistics is a form of mathematical analysis that uses quantified models, representations and synopses for a given set of experimental data or real-life studies.

In Layman’s terms —…

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